ICIWorld is an Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

I am pleased to say that I am the manager and founder of ICIWorld, an association of real estate brokers and salespeople. I've done my fair share of selling as most of you have, but the vision of a world real estate information service has burned deeply in me since the early 1990s. And to this day, going into 2022, I thank every member for the opportunity to serve each and every one of you. Always consider me and our service as a personal marketing and information assistant to each and every one of you.
Dedicated to real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide. You will learn how it all works and how it and why it started. It is marketing listings, networking real estate opportunities that are not on real estate boards, it is technology tools sharing exclusive information on each other's websites, and more. We have learned from you and share this knowledge. It is the real estate industry at work for the public providing more choice and the protection of every trade in real estate that all Realtors provide.
ICIWorld helps brokers and salespeople, network exclusive real estate information, advertise listings, on the Internet, on mobile devices and computers, to people from 138 countries of the world, since 1994 as ICIWorld.com with over 1,000,000 hits per month. See connections and transactions. Some brokers have now done as many as thirty transactions. 
Little known at the moment, sales as a result of a connection made through the ICIWorld network are among the highest in the land, higher than the largest real estate board in Canada namely $28M.  Two deals over $50M+ have been done by members of ICIWorld. I personally am pleased it was done by independent broker members, salespeople, men and women members of ICIWorld. One had fourteen offers.
I learned starting in real estate that one should use all the competent services to help your clients to achieve the highest best price and terms. If not you can be missing out. We simply say everyone should include ICIWorld as a service in their marketing plans to serve their prospects and clients.
It really goes to show you, the power of the Internet to connect people to do real estate business when you have a network of people. The more broker members, the more synergy. It does not take many members to reach the six degrees of separation we are all from each other. 
It started out of a CCIM Chapter in the 1990's marketing sessions in which members would stand up and share their opportunities. I had trouble feverishly writing down each opportunity, keeping track of every single Have and Want of each member who would network information such as I have "someone looking for, etc." or "I have someone who wants to sell, etc." The majority of properties presented by mostly commercial brokers were not on real estate boards but rather opportunities to be explored, followed up on, arrangements made to compensation if successful. 
Missing one opportunity in a session like this would mean losing the opportunity to make $50,000 +/- and serving the public well. If you could not remember who had that shopping centre for sale, you could easily be missing making $50,000+/-. If you could not remember someone who had a certain buyer, and then you found a property owner willing to sell that match the requirement, but then you can't remember who it was that had that buyer, what a travesty!
Missed opportunities, missed chances to do business, missed revenue, missed serving the public well. 
Not anymore!  ICIWorld.com 
This service is designed for brokers to place all the real estate opportunities that are not on real estate boards.  List all your buyers and what they want. 
AND . . . all brokers and salespeople benefit by advertising their real estate board listings as well. Why? Because the service is like real estate classified ads in a newspaper. 
There are over 30,000+ oops 40,000+ listings, Haves and Wants. 75% of them are exclusive not on real estate boards yet placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada. The rest of the world is invited.
There are so many opportunities where someone says I do not want to give you a listing, but bring me in a buyer and I will pay you a commission. You just became a secret agent because now you are the only one who knows about it There is a way to market that opportunity confidentially. 
The advantage for the public is more opportunities to choose from that are not available elsewhere

The advantage for members who are real estate brokers and salespeople are:

  • more opportunities to serve the public by displaying Haves and Wants globally.
  • more opportunities for brokers to make money with information if you can not get a signed listing

The exciting news is that all brokers in the world can do both, work opportunities where you can get a signed listing and put it on your real estate board, still the best service in the world and always will be.  AND now in 2020 with the advent of information technology, work exclusive real estate opportunities globally that you can not place on a real estate board because you do not have a signed listing.

All these deals were as a result of connections made that were not on real estate board. See Testimonials.

To learn more about how it all works, take in a recorded Webinar conducted for real estate offices and real estate associations. See https://w.iciworld.com

With the growth of this service new technology has been created.  One of the best tools in the whole world for brokers and salespeople is the sharing of each others real estate opportunities on each others website. 

See https://www.iciworld.com/widgets See sample websites with content of exclusive real estate opportunities all in a way that YOU get the calls. Do referrals and direct business.

All listings in the world from all broker members can be displayed on all members websites with one menu item. One instruction to your website designer accomplishes that. Thousands of listings, Haves and Wants are all arranged in a way that triggers leads for the website owner. Members do referrals and direct business.

Make an appointment for a presentation over the Internet. https://a.iciworld.com
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS
Since 1994 
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