A Global Broker's Real Estate Internet Classified Ad Service

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople, networking exclusive real estate information, advertising listings on the Internet, on mobile devices and computers, to people from 138 countries of the world, since 1994 as ICIWorld.com 
The advantage for the public is more opportunities to choose from that are not available elsewhere

The advantage for members who are real estate brokers and salespeople are:

  • more opportunities to serve the public.
  • one is not restricted to making money with just a real estate board, now a broker can do both, to trigger leads to serve their prospects and clients. 

For brokers and salespeople: You will see many links to listings.  You can have them working for you but tailored for your market area. From a brokers point of view it is listings that trigger calls and you will have them. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
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Serving real estate brokers and salespeople since 1994

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